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2 Tips To Help You Select The Ideal Location On Your Business's Property To Have A New Water Well Drilled

by Phil Lawrence

If you are taking steps to reduce your business's overhead costs by becoming more self-sufficient, you may have decided that you would like your business's water supply to come from a well. Since you own the property and have found out it is zoned for water well usage, you may be trying to decide where to put the well.

Since the location of the well will depend on several different factors, you need to put some thought into where you would like the service to start drilling. To help you choose an ideal location, start by using the tips below to narrow down the spots where you would like to have your business's new water well drilled.

1. Mark Any Areas Where There Are Potential Contaminants or Underground Structures So You Can Avoid These Locations

One of the first things you should do when deciding where to have your business's well drilled is to mark off areas where it should not go. Since you do not want to contaminate the water supply, you need to have the well as far away from septic systems, dump sites, cesspools, and other potential contaminants as possible.

You also need to make sure that there are no underground structures where the drilling will take place. If an area is close to a gas line or old cistern, you should mark these areas as off-limits.

2. Look Carefully at the Contours of the Surface Ground in Desired Locations to Choose the Highest Point Possible for the Well

Once you have marked off areas where the well cannot be placed, the next thing you can do is survey the ground's contours on your business's property. You want to ensure the well is drilled at the highest point possible.

If you try to place the well at a low point on the property, the water runoff will carry dirt, debris, and bacteria into the water supply. Placing the well at a high point will help ensure that the water runs away from the opening to keep the well clean.

When trying to select a location for your business's new water well, make sure you first mark off any areas that are off limits, such as those around septic systems, dump sites, or any other contaminants, as well as above any underground pipes or structures. Once you have eliminated these areas, examine the contours of the surfaces of desired locations so you can select the highest point available. If you need further assistance or are ready to get started, speak with a representative with a water well drilling service who can answer your questions and help you set up an appointment.

For more information on water well drilling, contact a company near you.