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3 Tips For Using Rentals To Manage Boiler Downtime

by Phil Lawrence

If your facility uses several large, industrial-scale boilers, you know that taking even one of these plants offline can often be a major project requiring months of planning. Even worse, the downtime may seriously affect your operations, resulting in lost profits or altered production schedules. Minimizing disruption is crucial whether your boiler will be down for days, weeks, or months. 

While unscheduled emergency downtime is sometimes unavoidable when working with heavy-duty equipment, frequent inspections, and maintenance can help avoid these problems. Fortunately, rental boilers can help you reduce or eliminate operations disruption due to routine repairs and maintenance. These three tips will help you maximize your rental value to keep your facility operating.

1. Plan Ahead

Many businesses use mobile boilers to scale their operations throughout the year. As a result, boiler availability and pricing are often seasonal. Waiting until the last minute may mean paying a higher rate for your boiler rental or signing a longer contract than necessary. The farther ahead you make arrangements for your rental, the higher your likelihood of securing a favorable rate.

Additionally, working with a rental provider well before your boiler goes offline will help guarantee the availability of a boiler that fits your needs. You can work with the rental company to select an appropriately-sized unit, avoiding the added cost of renting an oversized boiler or multiple smaller boiler units.

2. Focus on Delivery and Installation

Even the smallest industrial-scale mobile boilers are relatively large. There must be sufficient space in your facility for the boiler and its trailer and enough room for the delivery truck to maneuver. Tight areas may make installation more challenging and ultimately delay the setup process for your rental boiler.

Work closely with your rental supplier before your boiler arrives to avoid unexpected delays and downtime. Most experienced rental companies can deliver even to unusual or off-road areas. Still, you may need to spend more time planning and coordinating before delivery if your facility or site presents unique installation challenges.

3. Prepare for Contingencies

If you're taking a boiler offline for routine inspection or maintenance, you never know what you may find. Planned downtime can sometimes last longer than anticipated, especially in the current climate. A routine inspection may uncover unexpected issues requiring repair, and parts may not be immediately available. These unforeseen circumstances can create major disruptions to your operation.

When working with a rental company to select your boiler, ensure you have contingency options for these extended delays. Having the option to extend your contract or continue renting your boiler month-to-month beyond your original terms can help prevent further costly disruptions.

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