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Keys To Finding The Perfect Commercial Dish Table For A Restaurant

by Phil Lawrence

If you have a restaurant, you'll probably have a commercial dishwasher to run all of your dirty dishes through. Before doing this though, you'll need a place to store and organize dishes—and that's what a dish table lets you accomplish. Purchasing one for your restaurant will be easy if you do a couple of things.

See How Much Space There Is

You probably only have so much space to spare for this commercial dish table, and it's important to be cognizant of this so that you can easily get a dish table that fits perfectly. You just need to examine the target setup location in person and then gather some tangible dimensions.

Then you can easily get a well-sized dish table that sets up without any issues. There are a lot of different dimensions you'll have access to, making it easy to find a table that's going to work for your restaurant's current layout.

Opt For Stainless Steel Construction

A lot of restaurant equipment today is made out of stainless steel, which isn't surprising as this material is very durable, easy to clean, and looks great. You probably should go with the same material when investing in a dish table to collect dishes before they end up going through your commercial dishwasher.

Stainless steel makes it easy for this dish table to resist damage, as well as simplifies the cleaning routines you have to perform each day. The latter design is particularly important because some of your dishes are going to be really dirty. 

Look For Multiple Tiers 

If your restaurant serves a lot of customers, then you'll probably have a lot of dirty dishes to clean. That means you need ample surface space to store them on a dish table. You'll get this type of design if you find a dish table that has multiple tiers.

Then you'll have more areas to store a lot of dishes at a time. As long as you observe this table's maximum weight capacity, you can easily store ample dishes without causing any sort of structural damage. 

One of the best investments your restaurant could make in terms of organizing and storing dishes prior to washing is a dish table. These tables can be made in different ways today by manufacturers. You just need to assess your specific restaurant and try to get features that make this equipment investment worth it for years and years.

For more information about stainless steel dish tables, contact an industrial supply company in your area.