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Considerations Of Switching Your Rust Prevention Oils For Industrial Machines

by Phil Lawrence

Rust prevention oils are common in industrial and manufacturing businesses. They are used for a variety of metals as a way to reduce the chances of breakdown and rust during manufacturing processes. There are some cases where you may want to switch the type of prevention oil you are using. This could be due to pricing or the availability of your standard oil brand and type. If you are making the change to a different oil, there are certain things you should know.

Removal of Buildup

You may notice some build-up on certain machines. This can be due to the oil you have been using. It can also be due to oil buildup over time and use. Before you make the switch to the new prevention oil, your maintenance team should perform a removal step. This step removes any oil and debris buildup in the areas of the machine that are receiving a new coating of the updated oil. This will make sure the new oil penetrates the areas and begins to work rather than having a layer of older debris and oil blocking its path. 

Spray Application

Many of the sprays used in industrial business and production for rust prevention are spray applications. This spray coating needs to be applied exactly according to the directions of the manufacturer. This means you may be applying the spray once or more over the course of several hours. If your company shuts down production for the evening or overnight hours, that may be the ideal time to handle this process. Keep in mind that the rust prevention oil may also need to cure for a certain amount of time in order to work properly and help prevent corrosion. 


Each oil has different properties that may require special maintenance on a routine basis. This may be due to how the oil actually works or the components that are used in the oil to prevent rust and corrosion. Pay special attention to the steps offered by the manufacturer. Make sure the rust prevention oil is not only applied correctly but reapplied and maintained over the lifetime of the product. This will ensure you have the results you want and functioning machinery for your production line. 

When you are ready to make the change to the new rust prevention oil, contact your maintenance department. Make sure they are aware of the change. Also, make sure they have knowledge of the new product and how to use it. If there are any steps that should be taken to prevent damage to the machinery during the switch, make sure to offer ample time for the maintenance department to schedule and handle those steps.

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