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Benefits Of Using Brass Metal

by Phil Lawrence

Since there are several options in the market today, many people wonder if the additional cost of choosing brass metal is worth it. If you're having a hard time finding the best material for your project, this article will highlight reasons why you should think about using brass metal.

Highly Malleable

Malleability is an incredibly essential feature in the metals you use for your project because you need a material your workers can easily manipulate to achieve desired outcomes. Brass's malleability makes it the perfect candidate for just about any fixture.

And since it's an alloy, you can not only change its shape but its physical composition as well. For instance, if you need to work with soft brass, you can liaise with your manufacturer to increase the concentration of zinc and lower that of copper. Conversely, the manufacturer can make your brass harder by increasing the concentration of copper and lowering that of zinc.

For this reason, it molds better than other malleable metals available in the market. If your project requires you to bend the metal to attain unique shapes, you should consider using soft brass as it allows you to alter it without the need for cutting fluid.

Durable and Dependable

Just because it's highly malleable, does not mean that brass is any less durable than other metals. If you're working on a fixture you need to last for years, you should consider using solid brass as its framework.

One might argue that since the brass alloy has traces of iron, it might not be worth investing in because your fixtures will eventually rust. Well, by adding aluminum to the copper and zinc mixture, you achieve a perfectly non-ferrous composition that's completely resistant to rusting. Aluminum protects the trace irons from oxidation, which is what causes rust.

The fixtures might tarnish over time, but this only affects their appearance and not their performance. And besides, polishing your brass fixture is all you need to restore their shiny outlook.


Initially, it's only health facilities that focused on installing antimicrobial surfaces that prevented the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogenic microbes. But ever since the coronavirus pandemic took the world by surprise, people are investing in antimicrobial copper-alloy touch surfaces that prevent the rapid spread of viruses in facilities and even homes.

Brass has become popular due to its antimicrobial property because it enables project managers to install faucet handles, doorknobs, railings, and other contact surfaces that don't facilitate the spread of viruses and germs.

Now that you've learned these interesting facts about brass metal, ensure you engage a brass metal supply agent for your next project.