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Safety Protocol To Observe With Scaffolding Rentals

by Phil Lawrence

Scaffolds are platforms that allow workers to get to places that are pretty high up. They do involve heights and that means if you plan on renting one of these structures, you want to observe the right safety protocol so that you don't put yourself in a bad situation.

Look at Condition Prior to Using

Rental scaffolds typically will be used, which means they may not be in the condition they were when new. That's why you want to carefully look at the condition of this structure before you attempt to get on it and let it support your weight. 

The company you're renting from should perform this inspection, but you want to do it as well just to be safe. Look at all sections to check for possible damage. It could be on the platforms or the railings they're surrounded by. If you don't see anything wrong, you can begin using the scaffold knowing your weight should be supported just fine.

Consider Training

If you have never been on a scaffold before, you could expose yourself to safety hazards. For instance, you could step in the wrong place or do something you're not supposed to on the rental scaffold, causing an accident. You won't be as vulnerable as a beginner when you utilize scaffold training.

Special programs exist today that can get you more accustomed to the components of different scaffolds and ways to safely work around them. This training will be important for always doing the right things when around and on these structures.

Make Sure Scaffold Is Secure

After you've found the right position to set up this scaffold, you want to do everything you can to secure it into position. Then the scaffold won't be prone to moving while you're on it and that should give you more confidence regardless of how long you end up working on this structure.

A lot of rental scaffolds will have wheels that lock in place, which makes it very easy to keep the structure from moving. Also, make sure the scaffold is as level as possible because even slight tilts can throw off your ability to stay balanced.

Scaffolds are work structures that are available for rent, either on a short-term or long-term basis. However long your project warrants this structure, you should take a lot of time reviewing safety protocols. Then you'll be able to work on this structure safely without worry about something going majorly wrong. For more information, contact a scaffolding rental company.