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Welding Supplies To Keep On Hand For Your Small MIG Welder

by Phil Lawrence

Of all of the types of welders beginners turn to in order to have a small welder in their shop, the MIG welder is by far the most popular. Simplistic in its design, easy to operate, and not requiring a substantial amount of power to function, the MIG welder is good for people who do not have a lot of welding experience and may not have a lot of space. In addition to the welder itself, it is best if you invest in a few good welding supplies to keep in your garage. Here is a short list of a few of those supplies to keep around to use with your MIG welder. 

Flow Gauge Regulator 

A flow gauge regulator is not something you will likely get when you buy your welder, but it is a supply that you will benefit from once you have it set up in your garage. This regulator is designed to help you monitor how much shielding gas you are using while you are welding, which will affect the consistency of the welding material, the heat of the welding material, and the quality of the end weld. The gauge is a small device with large dials to give you readings of gas levels and flow at the same time. 

Cored Welding Nozzles 

The nozzles you use on the end of your MIG welder will break down faster than any other part of the equipment. Plus, there will be times you need a nozzle that is either smaller or larger so you can achieve a certain type of bead while you weld. Therefore, even though your MIG welder will come along with nozzles to use on the welding gun, it is best to have a few extras stowed away that you can grab when you need them. There are a plethora of different types of nozzles that can be fitted to most welders. 

Welder Cover 

When your welder is not in use in the garage, it is best if it is rightfully protected from dust and debris within the space. Buying a good cover for your welder is one of the best ideas if you want to protect your investment. You can pick up covers designed for specific models that are made by the manufacturer, but for smaller MIG welders, it is not an issue to find a generic cover that will fit most types of welders.

For more information, contact a company that carries welding supplies.