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Installing An Industrial Air Compressor: Do You Have The Right Tools And Skills?

by Phil Lawrence

An industrial air compressor is a little bigger than a standard shop air compressor in terms of size and the amount of compressed air their tanks can hold. If you want to install an industrial air compressor in your shop, warehouse, or industrial manufacturing site, do you have the right tools and skills? Take a look.


​For tools, you will need a large adjustable wrench, an arc welder, a needle nose pliers (various sizes help), and maybe a bolt driver. The wrench adjusts the bolts that help keep the compressor in place. The arc welding machine can fuse metal stabilizing rings around the tank and to the concrete block or to the wall or ceiling, depending on the model and where you want to install your compressor. The needle nose pliers can help get into tiny spaces to hold components tightly, or to attach hose clamps and hoses between the compressor and the wall, if you circulate the compressed air for inflation uses or pneumatic tools. A bolt driver helps drive the securing bolts through really thick and dense materials if you are not going to weld things together. 


​At first glance, installing an industrial air compressor looks like a snap. It does not need much to secure it, and they generally do not require a lot of assembly. However, it does require skills for making all of the necessary components come together and work as they should.

It helps if you can weld, as welding is the surest means of making the compressor stay put on its mounting base. If you cannot weld, a pneumatic bolt driver has to be used to secure the "feet" of the tank to a surface. When these machines start up, they tend to vibrate and move, and you do not want the compressor to move while you are working with it. Knowing how to use and grip needle nose pliers and how to use them to hold tightly to small wires, hose clamps, etc., while you connect everything is an essential skill as well. 

​When You Have Neither the Skills or the Tools

When you cannot do the air compressor installation yourself because you do not have the skills or you do not have the right tools (or both!), hire an installation technician. He or she will make sure your compressor is properly installed. You can even watch the process, if you like. For more information, reach out to companies like Compressed Air Systems.