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Benefits Of The Sumitomo Cyclo BBB4 Model Gear Reducer

by Phil Lawrence

You have options when it comes to gear reducers for your industrial machines. Sumitomo Cyclo is just one of the many makes and models of industrial gear reducers. The company hopes that it you need a gear reducer, you will select a product from their lineup. There are many benefits to choosing one of their gear reducers, particularly if you choose their BBB4 Model.

​It Needs No Oil

This particular model of gear reducer and drive needs no oil to lubricate its moving parts. Instead, you can use machine grease, which allows the component to turn several thousand revolutions before requiring any attention. It also means that maintenance is reduced to checking the component once a month instead of daily or every few days.

​Its Internal Components Are All Steel

When you are dealing with gearboxes and drives, you want parts to last. Durability comes with using all steel components. Inside this particular make and model, all of its parts are made of steel. With all of the spinning and rotation, intense heat from motion and friction, and gears connected to gears, the steel components take the stress and keep on moving. 

Increased Overhung Load Capacity

​Imagine a gearbox and drive that can handle whatever you throw at it. That is what this make/model can do. It boasts a 375% overhung load capacity than all of the models that came before it. That also means that it is sufficiently more efficient than previous models, too. It reduces gear speed and increases its own output with great efficacy.

​It Is Very Small and Can Fit in Tight Spaces

There are a lot of industrial machines where drives and gearboxes do not seem to fit. However, the drives and gearboxes are absolutely necessary. To accommodate and resolve this issue, this particular make and model of drive and gearbox were designed and built to be very compact.

​Ratios Are Many

Turning and timing ratios are important to industries and their machines. Turn too fast, get bad results. Turn too slow, get similar problems. It helps when you can have a drive and gearbox professionally installed and that drive/gearbox has more than enough turning and timing ratios to accommodate any machine into which you plug the drive/gearbox. This particular make and model of drive/gearbox has dozens of ratios to make any machine and any industrial system run smoothly and effectively well. It adjusts automatically up and down to accommodate almost all machines.