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Things That Can Cause Your Industrial Boiler To Be Less Efficient

by Phil Lawrence

Efficiency is important in your factory for many reasons. You might be concerned about your company's reputation among the general public in a day and age in which many consumers are concerned about the environment, for example. Additionally, your company might already spend a lot of money in operating costs, so you could be wondering if there is anything that you can do to reduce costs on fuel. 

Regardless of the reasons why you might be worried about efficiency within your business, one thing that you could be worried about is how much energy your boiler uses. These are a few different things that can make your industrial boiler less efficient. If you address these things, then you can help ensure that your boiler isn't using any more energy than necessary.

Infrequent Cleaning

For one thing, when you have a long list of things that have to be maintained, repaired and cleaned within your factory, it can be easy for the boiler to fall low on the list, particularly if it seems to be working as it is supposed to. However, if you aren't cleaning your boiler on a regular basis, then you have to worry about dust clogging it up and preventing it from running properly. Not only can this waste energy, but it can also cause your boiler to overheat and can result in repair issues. Therefore, making sure that your boiler gets dusted regularly and thoroughly cleaned periodically is a critical task for your maintenance crew to focus on.

Missed Maintenance

Beyond just cleaning, there are other maintenance tasks that have to be done if you want to keep your industrial boiler in good, efficient condition. For example, changing filters and oil is critical. If this isn't done regularly, the system might not be able to operate as it is supposed to and could end up using more fuel than normal. Keeping up with maintenance can help you prevent efficiency issues and can also help you ensure that you keep your industrial boiler in tip-top shape.

Outdated Equipment

At a certain point, it's time to replace industrial boilers. This could be the case if you're having to make a lot of expensive repairs, but it could even be true if this is not the case. For example, if your boiler is outdated, it might not be as efficient as some of the newer models that are on the market. If you replace it now with a new boiler, you may be able to enjoy better performance and improved efficiency.

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