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Three Things To Consider When Looking For Rubber Grommets

by Phil Lawrence

If you're setting up a new office space and find yourself struggling with the organization of all of those cables, you may find it easiest to invest in some rubber grommets to keep everything contained. If you've never used them, you may not know what you're really looking for. Here's a look at what you need to know to choose the right grommets for your needs.

How Many Cables Are You Dealing With?

The number of cables in question is an important consideration because it determines the diameter of grommet that you need. You'll need to have a grommet that's large enough to contain all of the cables that you're running through it without compressing them.

The best way to get an idea of how large a grommet you need is to actually measure the diameter of the cables. Grab the cables and hold them together in a loose bundle. Then, use a tape measure to get the actual diameter of the cables. That way, you can choose a grommet that is the proper size to avoid compressing the cables.

What Is Your Ultimate Goal?

Most grommets are primarily used to protect the edges of cables from damage. However, you can also use them to help you route and direct cables through certain paths. If you're looking for options to help you run your cables to a specific destination, you'll want to look for flexible grommets. Then, you can use solid grommets to protect the sharp edges of the desk or table when you feed the cables through.

If you're not familiar with flexible grommets, they are usually made from soft rubber and have been cut so that you can slide cables into them. This makes it easier for you to keep the cables together as you run them from your server closet to your workstations.

Do You Want A Specific Look?

The look you want for your office space is equally important. Whether you want a professional look with standard grey or black grommets or a more unique look with something a bit less traditional, there are options.

Aside from the standard black or grey rubber grommets, you can also create a more stylish, sleek finish by opting for polished metal instead. It adds a touch of class to your office design.

With these tips, you can choose the grommets that best fit the cables you're working with and also help you accomplish what you're trying to. Talk with a local supplier today to see what options will best fit for your situation.