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Tips For Troubleshooting The Problem With Your Air Compressor's Refrigerated Air Dryer

by Phil Lawrence

If the factory at which you work uses an air dryer to filter water out of the air compressor, you may start to see water droplets leaking out of the hose while you are using it. This could indicate a problem with the air dryer. If you suspect this is the case, use the following tips to troubleshoot the problem with the air compressor's air dryer.

Look At The Conditions Surrounding The Air Dryer 

The first thing you should do is look at the conditions surrounding the air dryer. This includes the amount of dust surrounding the unit, as well as the temperature of the room. If there is too much dust, the vents could be sucking in the particles and clogging up the filter.

Turn off the air dryer, and remove the filter. Scrape off any accumulated dust, then run the filter under cool water. Let it air dry, then replace the unit. Before turning it back on, thoroughly clean the room, and create a schedule to dust at least once a week. If there is an excessive amount of dust in the factory, this may need to be scheduled several times a week.

While clearing out the dust, also take note of the temperature of the room. If it is so hot that you find it difficult to breathe, the air may be too hot for the unit. Since the air dryer works by cooling the air to remove water, the excessive heat may be overloading the circuits. Try reducing the temperature by opening the windows or turning up the cooling system.

Check The Pressure And Flow Gauges On Both Units

Another thing to check when troubleshooting the dryer are the pressure and flow gauges on both the air compressor and the air dryer. The pressure gauges should show an equal amount of pressure for both units or a slightly higher reading for the air dryer. This allows the dryer to force the air into the compressor. 

If the pressure is higher on the air compressor, this keeps the air from circulating from the dryer to the compressor. This could then affect the reading on the flow gauges, which should always read higher on the air dryer so it can provide uninterrupted air while the compressor is in use. If you see either of these gauges with incorrect readings, you may need to call a professional to determine the problem.

After taking steps to troubleshoot the air compressor's refrigerated air dryer, you may determine that there is a problem with the gauges, or you may not be able to find the problem yourself. If so, you may want to contact a service that provides air dryer repair so they can examine the unit and offer you options on what needs to be done next. Contact a business, such as Air Compressor Energy Systems Inc., for more information.