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Safely Towing Your Horses

by Phil Lawrence

It's estimated that some 9.2 million horses call the United States home. Many equine enthusiasts enjoy participating in competitive events with their horses, and these competitions can require a significant amount of travel.

Here are three things you need to know about your vehicle's hitch in order to ensure that you are safely towing your horses in the future.

1. Make sure that you pull your horse trailer with a frame-mounted hitch.

Many passenger vehicles come equipped with bumper hitches. While these hitches might be sufficient to tow a small cargo trailer from one place to the next, the weight of a horse trailer is best supported by a frame-mounted hitch.

A trailer that can accommodate two horses weighs 2,400 pounds, and adding a dressing room or additional stalls will only increase the weight of the trailer. Pulling this much weight with a simple bumper hitch could cause your vehicle's bumper to detach, resulting in serious damage. A frame-mounted hitch is able to withstand the weight of a loaded horse trailer, allowing for the safe transport of your horses in the future.

2. Invest in a hitch with weight-distributing capabilities.

When it comes to safely towing your horse trailer, having too much weight on the tongue of the trailer during transport could be disastrous. If you want to provide the maximum amount of protection for your animals, investing in a hitch with weight-distributing capabilities could be beneficial.

These hitches are designed to help spread the weight of the trailer evenly across the axles of both the tow vehicle and the trailer. When the weight of the trailer is evenly distributed, it's easier to brake and turn safely. Keeping your horses safe during transport becomes easier when you have a hitch with weight-distributing capabilities.

3. Be sure you invest in a hitch that has the right classification to meet your towing needs.

Understanding the gross total weight of your horse trailer can be critical when it comes to investing in the right hitch. Hitches are categorized into classes based on their total towing capacity.

A class one hitch can only safely tow up to 2,000 pounds, while a class 4/5 hitch can safely haul up to 18,000 pounds. Investing in a hitch that can tow the weight of your loaded horse trailer will prevent potential hitch failure as you travel with your animals in the future.

Keeping your horses safe during transport is important, and having access to the right hitch can help you accomplish this goal. For more information, speak with professionals like Geny Hitch.