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Get A Closer Look At Wiring Before Equipping Computer Departments

by Phil Lawrence

If you're planning on staffing an entire department with new computers or designing a server room for your business, you'll need to make sure that your electrical system can handle the additional load and sensitivity. Unlike machines that can turn on and off with only periodic productivity loss, computer power loss can lead to some major problems that could cost days of progress or thousands of dollars in repairs in an instant. Take the time to understand what could go wrong and how an electrical services professional could help.

Power Loss Problems Can Wreck A Computer

For many devices, power loss means simply starting and stopping. In some severe cases, there could be electrical problems from sparks or loose connections as the device starts again, but this is a severe issue that needs additional attention for all devices. With the same power loss that could turn off the lights for a few seconds, many devices can recover by simply turning on again while computer suffer much worse fates.

The most basic threat is the loss of working information. Text documents, designs and anything that needs to be saved periodically by the user can be lost in an instant without some protections in place. There are some programs that automatically save information at regular intervals, but it's not wise to rely on such features depending on how fast a person works.

Another issue is the way that computers save information to continue operating. Computers are systems of constant calculating and changing, and if power is lost during a major information exchange, your system may be corrupted to the point of needing a full re-installation. Such severe information corruption isn't common, but it happens enough to be a regular reminder of power loss problems for computers.

Finally, computers can be damaged because of the sensitive moving parts inside. Hard drive platters can become scratched during sudden power loss, which leads to slower information retrieval and eventually complete failure. Although new storage drive technologies have entered the market without moving parts, hard drives still exist in many modern systems.

Electrical Replacement, Redistribution And Upgrades For Computer Safety

If your business hasn't had electrical upgrades since the personal computer/workstation revolution, it's time for a full refit of your electrical wiring.

Although many unique problems exist with broken, burned wiring and insufficient wiring for offices and server rooms, all of these problems can be solved during the replacement phase. While taking out the old wiring and adding new wiring, an electrician can pull additional wiring for increased capacity and backup purposes.

By adding more wiring, electricity has additional paths to cross without burdening specific wires with excessive electrical load. The heat caused by wiring is reduced, and the likelihood of electrical failure is lower. Your computer departments will need their own distribution panels (also known as electrical panels or power boards) for easier electricity management and to split the electrical load in your business.

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