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Protect The Well And Water Supply At Your Business

by Phil Lawrence

After a new well is installed on your business's property, learn how to care for it and the property around and above it with the following steps. As a result, the well will not become damaged, and the water supply will remain contaminant-free.

Avoid Placing Heavy Items On Or Around The Well

Avoid walking on or placing any heavy, decorative items over the area where the well is located. If you are unsure of how much space that well is taking up, contact the company that installed it to find out. Heavy weight on the ground can place too much pressure on the well's walls and top and cause them to crack. Place wooden stakes or temporary fencing around the location of the well to prevent your employees or customers from walking too closely to it.

Naturally Eliminate Pests

Do not use pesticides on the portion of the ground that is located near the well. The powerful chemicals that are in many pesticides may seep into the well and contaminate the water. If pests are a large concern, plant marigolds, lemongrass, or another type of plant that naturally repels pests.

Purchase a large quantity of ladybugs from an online supplier and set them free near the well. These insects feed on many problematic pests and won't pose a risk to you or anyone else on your company's property. Once the pest problem has been eliminated, the plants and ladybugs will continue to prevent new pests from appearing. 

Secure And Cover The Lid While Cutting Grass And Weeds

Make sure the lid to the well is secure before you cut the grass that is near it so that clippings do not fall into the water. Place a vinyl tarp over the lid while trimming tall weeds with a weed whacker to provide the well water with additional protection. Visually inspect the lid throughout the year. If you notice that the lid has a small crack in its surface or is damaged in any other kind of way, contact the company that installed the well so that you can acquire a new one.

All of these steps will keep the well in operable order and will prevent the water inside of it from becoming tainted. Be sure to hire a professional company once a year to inspect and clean the well's interior, as well. As a result, the well will last for many years and you won't be faced with unexpected expenses.

For more information, contact Henderson Well & Pump Co. or a similar company.